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Digitalization and Innovation in Focus at DNV GL's Technology Week

DNV GL’s 2017 Technology Week emphasized the delivery of cost and operational efficiency through digitalization and how operators’ long-term survival rests with reinvention.

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Companies across the maritime and oil & gas industries are experiencing a period of significant and continuous change which demands they re-adjust their focus and strategies. At this crossroad, only by thinking outside the box and through technological innovation, can they reposition themselves to find a new horizon.

Attendees of the “Deep Dive into Digitalization” workshop are cautioned by Trond Ellefsen on the rate that innovation is occurring in the industry and the need for organizations to adapt quickly.
Technology week
Technology Week participants view digital tools developed by DNV GL.

For 17 years in Houston, these industries have looked to the courses and seminars of DNV GL’s Technology Week as one of the means to gain knowledge from industry-leading experts.

This year’s program focused innovation through digitization, with workshop sessions featuring a panel of offshore industry experts discussing how the industry can reap the full benefits of what lies ahead.

Looking to new concepts
Emerging concepts were discussed throughout the week, including de-manning and
autonomous operations, and harnessing actionable insights from sensors. The “New
Concept – Oil & Gas and Beyond” workshop sought to open minds and seek out
innovation through technology.

Full benefits of digitalization and operational efficiency rest with increasing the
accuracy and reliability of data, machine learning, data analytics and the ability of
companies to move away from siloed operations to practices that are more
dependent on collaboration.

Antony DSouza, Vice-President at DNV GL - Maritime, said, “Early adopters of these
emerging concepts are those who value collaboration with their supply chain and
stakeholders to get their minds and machines and view it as a means to empower
people and decision making. Our industry should collaborate in the way the aviation
industry has been very successful in sharing data for the common good.
Innovators whether they are big or small, subject matter experts, data scientists,
and coders with a support from national and international regulators have a role to
play in the future.”

Innovation is the road to reinvention
Digitalization is a lot like an incoming wave; it will affect our new reality and
everyday life. During the “Deep Dive into Digitalization” workshop, the keynote
speaker, Trond Ellefsen, the CEO of Invatare and former CIO and special advisor for
digital strategy in Statoil North America, stressed that “Innovation enables
businesses to transform to the next level.”

Ellefsen spoke about the learning curve companies face and the disadvantage some
have as digitalization and innovation increase in speed, “Organizations that can be
nimble and adapt quickly will outcompete and overtake those companies that
struggle to change from their existing siloed business models that no longer work in
the world we live in today. Most leaders are insensitive to the underlying profound
change that is happening and almost clueless about how fast their current
operating model is becoming outdated. There is little doubt that the way we run our
oil & gas businesses now will be obsolete before 2025.”

Technology and innovation in DNV GL
Digitalization is central to DNV GL’s strategy, where it is used to support clients
with advancing the safety and sustainability of their businesses.

Attendees had the opportunity during Technology Week to witness and explore
some of the emerging technologies and digital solutions that DNV GL has
developed, including the following applications and tools available via My DNV GL and the company's open industry data platform, Veracity:

- cMyContractor – A mobile app that provides real-time monitoring of job risks
(JSA and PTW processes) to ensure safe work practices are followed, and conflict-free management of simultaneous operations conducted. DNV GL seeks to partner with Oil & Gas operators and services companies to further develop the cMyContractor app.

- ECO Insight - A web-based solution for comprehensive fleet performance
management, enabling ship owners and operators to make informed
decisions that can save fuel, cut emissions and lower operational costs.

- LNGi – An online portal that supports the uptake of LNG as fuel by providing
comprehensive insights to shipowners, charters, LNG suppliers and
equipment manufacturers on worldwide LNG bunkering availability, while
promoting more informed newbuild decision-making and business

- MyQRA – A mobile app providing users with access to results and reports
related to their Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA) for offshore and
onshore Oil & Gas installations performed by DNV GL. My QRA helps technical
and non-technical professionals to gain a better understanding of hazards
and make day-to-day decisions more effectively, while supporting the
improvement of risk communication across multiple stakeholders in a project
or asset, and at each stage of its lifecycle.

During Technology Week DNV GL experts demonstrated some digital tools the company employs, including drones and remote surveillance cameras. These technologies have enabled the company to provide less invasive and safer verification and inspection services, as well as pilotage and classification surveys.

DNV GL has a long-term focus on research and innovation, both through significant investments internally, but also through working closely with customers and stakeholders.

For more information about Technology Week, or to be added to the invitation list for this event in 2018, please contact Cynthia Ervin.