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Congratulations to APQP4Wind on 5 years as an independent organization

In celebration, APQP4Wind and DNV offer discounts to new members of the organization and training participants

APQP4Wind is today the common frame of reference to be used in the industry to strengthen the cooperation between Manufacturers and Suppliers and to ensure that parties at all levels are on the same page when it comes to quality assurance processes. APQP4Wind now celebrates their fifth year as an independent organization.

APQP4Wind started as a project initiated by Wind Denmark and associated members due to a common wish to simplify and strengthen the entire quality planning and product release process. The project was funded by the Danish Industry Foundation for a project period from 2014-2018, where after the project phase ended and APQP4Wind became an organization of its own.

DNV was founded 159 years ago to safeguard life, property, and the environment. We are owned by a foundation and are trusted by a wide range of customers to advance the safety and sustainability of their businesses. More than 70% of our business is related to energy and we have been recognized as the world’s leading technical authority in wind power generation for three decades.

To celebrate the 5-year anniversary, APQP4Wind is offering a special promotion. Between June 1st thru September 30th, new members will not only benefit from a 50% discount on APQP4Wind Company Memberships, they will also get a free Assessment Tool and an English e-manual. In addition, DNV is offering a 10% discount for all APQP4Wind training courses registered for during this timeframe. With the most comprehensive training program within APQP4Wind, companies will find an overview of all training courses here. Simply use the code APQP4WIND when registering for your course.

APQP is a well-known concept within the automotive industry and has been the backbone for maturing quality performance at Manufacturers and Suppliers for decades. In the context of APQP4Wind, the concept of APQP is adapted to the business areas and special conditions differentiating wind from automotive.

The background for APQP4Wind is the continuous quality improvement that is needed to keep pace with the ongoing trend towards decreases in the Levelized Cost of Energy within the wind industry.