Boost My Audit tool: focus your audits on what matters most

Going beyond compliance, DNV brings you a digital tool to develop a high-performing management system.

Organizations are paying more attention to risk prioritization in order to proactively act before disruptions or issues arise. DNV’s Boost My Audit web-tool lets companies concentrate on the management system areas most significant to their specific business and industry. Comprehensive checklists included in the tool guide internal auditing processes and can help companies prepare for any third-party external audits.

“To ensure that all bases are covered, Boost My Audit offers access to more than 200 focus areas, reflecting the most critical risks and pain points for companies, as well as the most actual business topics that, when properly managed, allows a management system to generate additional value for the organisation,” says Mauro Crippa, Market Intelligence Manager in Business Assurance.

Inviting customers to identify focus areas before an audit is part of DNV’s Risk Based Certification methodology applied to all management system audits. During the audit, both compliance against the chosen standard and the management system’s performance in the focus area is assessed. Thus, Boost My Audit’s ecosystem of focus areas reflects those most commonly chosen by customers, where most non-conformities occur and DNV auditors’ experience. The associated checklists are developed by DNV subject matter experts and following the Plan-Do-Check-Act framework.

“A management system is an essential means to drive improvement and meet business goals. Boost My Audit helps companies identify and focus on the areas that matter most in order to get more value from their management system,” says Mauro Crippa.