Atlantic Wind Transfers partners with DNV for integrated Management System certification

Atlantic Wind Transfers looks to DNV and the Classification Society's "Fit for Purpose" solution as part of the operator's growth plan in U.S. offshore wind

The offshore wind farm support vessels of Atlantic Wind Transfers, ATLANTIC PIONEER and ATLANTIC ENDEAVOR, pictured together. Image provided by AWT.

Atlantic Wind Transfers (AWT), the Rhode Island-based owner and operator of crew transfer vessels (CTVs) for the offshore wind industry, has engaged the Classification Society DNV for the company’s integrated Management System Certification. Through this partnership with DNV, AWT is pursuing international Safety Management Systems (SMS) certification and ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certification under DNV's Seamless and Fit for Purpose programs.

Positioned for the future

As the U.S. offshore wind industry expands, Atlantic Wind Transfers plans to be at the forefront in providing crew transfer services up and down the East Coast. According to Charles A. Donadio, Jr., the President of AWT, he sees the company's fleet of CTVs growing five-fold over the next five years, from its two-vessel fleet currently in operation and the business expanding to the West Coast as the industry grows. Donadio is keen that AWT maintain its position as a leader in technology and design in the sector and in growing the business through innovation and collaboration with their European counterparts. He sees the company's management system certification as an integral part of that growth plan.

"Looking ahead to the future of U.S. offshore wind, safety will be of utmost importance. Understanding the evolution of offshore wind in Europe and what the expectations are of European developers, we are readying ourselves to be on par with the European standard," said Donadio. There is no current SMS certification requirement locally, but AWT seeks to ensure the company has a foundation for future growth. "After all, it's the same European developers that are planting roots here. Our voluntary efforts reflect our understanding of the industry's needs and our commitment to provide the sector's best turnkey operating model to benefit our clients and the industry.

Leading the way

"Having a strong Safety Management System and optimizing its effectiveness is business critical, and our involvement in certifying those audit processes will result in continuous improvement and have positive impact on AWT’s operation," said Antony DSouza, Executive Vice President and Regional Manager, DNV Maritime Americas. "It is a privilege for us to work with AWT in certifying their SMS and ISO systems. The U.S. offshore wind industry is positioned to take off in a big way, and as one of the leading operators in the space, their pursuit of voluntary certification is likely to set an industry standard."

About DNV Seamless and Fit for Purpose audits

DNV certification service take into account that the challenges and strategic ambitions of each company are unique, so the audits performed should be tailored to the company. Fit for Purpose audit results are richer and more meaningful, as they are designed not just to verify compliance but also to look at the overall effectiveness of the SMS and assess whether it helps the company reach its desired results and operational goals. Industry performance data and dashboards are also incorporated into the analysis to help proactively identify improvement opportunities and manage risk. Through the data smart audits, operators gain insight into their competitiveness, which aids in future planning and decision making. DNV is authorized to perform audits and issue ISM, ISPS and MLC certificates on behalf of more than 100 flag states. DNV also provides accredited Seamless Services (ISM with ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and/or 50001) which leverages the overlaps between requirements of various certification schemes.