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Asro Clean certified ENFIT HQF standard by DNV

Asro Clean is the first to have its cleaning stations certified by DNV to the standard designed to ensure food safety and compliance when transporting goods in food containers.

A Belgian company, Asro Clean specializes in tank cleaning for food transportation. Systematic and professional cleaning of food transportation containers is essential to protect consumers.  With over 300,000 tonnes of raw materials, demi-finished goods and products travelling through Europe alone on a daily basis, the quality of food and feed safety during transportation is critical. 

“The ENFIT HQF standard sets a best-practice to maintain the hygiene of any cleaning station involved in the food supply chain to the highest standard. The certification of Asro Clean is our first step in a collaborative journey to further improve food safety,” says Hans-Dieter Philipowski, President of ENFIT-International Association Supply Chain Safety.   

Designed to ensure that cleaning and disinfecting of food containers and attachments have been carried out as part of a consistent and verified process, the standard covers three areas. These include the management system, personnel training and successful implementation of food safety and transportation hygiene guidelines and legal requirements.  

Asro Clean has received the highest level, i.e. Excellent Seal of Approval – for its cleaning stations for food transport containers.  

The certification has been performed by DNV, who is the exclusive certification partner selected by ENFIT HQF. The audit covers both a management system audit, equipment inspection and cleaning validation and verification.  

“We are very excited to award this first ENFIT HQF certification. Consumers trust us to keep them safe. To deliver on that promise risks in every food supply chain link must be checked and held to the highest safety standard possible every day,” says Joy Laing, Global Business Development Manager in Supply Chain & Product Assurance.