Environmental technology qualification

Supported by our special expertise in environmental technology, we can qualify your system to give you added confidence.

Alternative fuels, emission abatement and water treatment involve technology unfamiliar to many in the shipping industry. 

DNV GL offer technology qualification services to system providers, yards and ship owners to secure the uptime and performance of selected technologies.

Our experts have developed a systematic approach to environmental technology qualification. This methodology is generic and suitable for many kinds of technologies such as SOx scrubbers, battery-powered and hybrid systems, LNG, hydrogen and ballast water systems.

Our technology qualification process comprises three steps:

  1. Clarification of expectations and functional requirements
  2. Identification of relevant failure modes with underlying failure mechanisms and the assessment of associated risks
  3. Risk identification and risk reduction through failure mode, effect and criticality study (FMECA), hazard identification study (HAZID) or hazard and operability study (HAZOP)

Based on the successful execution of the environmental technology qualification plan, a Statement of Fitness for Service can be issued, affirming that the new technology is considered fit for service.

Let DNV GL qualify your selected technology

  • Gain confidence knowing that the choice of solution and integration with the ship are fit for the intended operation
  • Minimize risk involved in implementing technology
  • Benefit from our analytical capabilities and special expertise

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