ECA decision-making support

ECA decision-making support

Ever-tightening regulations within the Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will continue to present significant challenges for the shipping industry, now and in future.

To help you comply with stricter emission regulations, our experts work together with you to evaluate alternatives to traditional fuels and technologies. We help to reduce any uncertainty you may have in decision-making – supporting you in sailing within ECAs in confidence.

Our ECA decision-making support service offers:

  • In-depth technical assessment of suitable SOx and NOx abatement technologies
  • Financial analysis of comparable ECA-compliance solutions
  • Assessment of typical ECA solutions (e.g., LNG fuel, scrubbers, distillates) in a broader context such as performance, operational experience, necessary infrastructure and pricing

In addition, we offer detailed scrubber or LNG fuel benchmarking studies.

Rely on DNV GL for competent ECA decision-making support:

  • Profit from our experts’ years of experience within alternative fuels and abatement technologies
  • Get the information you need to make the right decisions for your vessel, your business and operating profile
  • Gain an independent opinion based on a holistic, pragmatic approach

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