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Veracity is DNV's independent data platform and industry ecosystem. It brings together all the key players in the maritime, oil and gas and energy sectors to drive business innovation and digital transformation. Today, Veracity has over 18 000 companies and 200 000 users on the platform, enjoying frictionless connection through the exchange of datasets, APIs applications and insights.

Veracity Platform Products

Veracity Asset Connect

An asset centric view of your data

Veracity Deep Search

Cut time and effort spent looking for information

Veracity Adapter for Power BI (VAP)

Share access to Power BI dashboards and reports

Veracity Connected

Access your data and services on the go

  • Digital solutions

Automated data collection and reporting enable responsible ship financing

Responsible ship financers now have an automated and secure service for data collection and reporting towards the Poseidon Principles.

  • Digital solutions

ASP Ships Group excel in environmental reporting with DNV and Storm Geo services, powered by Veracity

ASP Ships Group wanted to streamline the reporting and be confident in its correctness.

  • Digital solutions

Danelec Marine and Veracity combine strengths to drive maritime digitalization

Danelec Marine and Veracity have signed a pilot agreement to enable new maritime use-cases.

150 years of experience handling industry data and information

Since 1864, DNV has enabled organizations to advance the safety and sustainability of their businesses. Over the last 50 years we have also gained a solid position as a trusted third party software vendor, solving technical and operational challenges related to industrial assets. See below links to our digitalization drives within our different main sectors.

Our Maritime digital services

Reaping the benefits of maritime data and modern class

Our Oil & Gas digital services

Digitalization in the oil and gas industry

Our Energy digital services

Knowing the Internet of Energy and how to unlock the power of digitalization

Our Software

A new generation of advanced predictive analytics and asset data management software

Business Assurance digital services

Supporting you in all stages of your certification journey

A secure platform for digital innovation and industry collaboration


Veracity is DNV's independent and secure platform facilitating exchange of data sets, APIs, applications and insight.

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