At DNV, we offer a vast range of career opportunities. Here are some of our key job categories:

DNV GL Careers

Engineering career

As an engineer in DNV you will work with advanced technical analysis and problem solving. Approval engineer, fleet responsible, safety consultant, subsea engineer, naval architect, technical support engineer, engineer hydro dynamics and stability, and subsea/well control engineer are all examples of engineering roles. Through thorough analysis and systems thinking this path lets you apply technical solutions and competence within a broader context. Taking the broader view often requires combining several disciplines. For you as an engineer this means working together with other experts across disciplines and projects. If you like to apply your technical competence in a wider context, we recommend an engineering career path with DNV.

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DNV GL Careers

Surveyor career

DNV surveyors perform surveys and inspections offshore and onshore. Your work as a surveyor with us will include inspecting offshore installations and windmills or ships in yards or harbours. You will perform inspections and certifications of materials and components, as well as project management for ships, mobile offshore units or other site related projects. This means that most of your time will be spent at customers' sites, so excellent customer service skills are required in addition to technical knowledge. Your professional integrity is key to ensure the independent nature of DNV surveys. As a surveyor, you could have competence within multiple technical disciplines such as marine, electrical systems, automation and machinery.

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DNV GL Careers

Consultant career

As a consultant in DNV your job is to apply our standardized processes and methodology to provide tailored advisory to customers or internally in DNV. Your consultancy work will mainly be of a non-technical nature, such as risk management within environmental services, asset management, or enterprise risk and safety. Your consultant colleagues in DNV come from a variety of backgrounds such as maritime, oil and gas, energy, healthcare, transport, research and development, IT, finance, and human factors. As a consultant in DNV you will work as part of a cross-disciplinary team to help customers drive business improvement processes by putting technology in a business context. You'll also help our customers implement change management processes in their organizations.

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DNV GL Careers

Auditor career

DNV auditors lead and perform system or process audits for our customers. As an auditor, your job is to ensure that companies, sites and processes are performing in accordance with relevant standards. Standards can be either national or international, such as management systems for ISO standards. As an auditor, you can work to make sure organizations are compliant regarding environmental protection, safety or industry quality standards.

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DNV GL Careers

Specialist career

If you want to specialize within a particular area of expertise, the specialist career path is for you. As a specialist you are expected to hold detailed knowledge within your domain, and contribute significantly with your expertise both in-house and externally. As a DNV specialist you are recognized as an international technical expert, and get to drive the development of the next generation DNV services. Our specialists have in-depth competence within one or more specific areas, such as hydrodynamics and advanced simulations, structural integrity, materials and welding technology, and risk and reliability.

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DNV GL Careers

Corporate Services

Companies are built on more than just technical expertise. Our talented corporate services team provides fundamental support through administrative and back office functions, including providing advice and services throughout the organization. 

Our support teams include:

  • finance accounting 
  • human resources 
  • ICT 
  • communications
  • legal services

Do you enjoy helping others succeed, and have a background from one of our administrative fields? Meet some of our corporate services employees and learn why they get up in the morning.

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