The five main benefits of Lumina™

Lumina™ will support you in uncovering and prioritizing the areas of your management system that need to be addressed. Improving its performance can help you gain a competitive advantage. We call it improvement through awareness.

The five main benefits of using Lumina are:

1) Identify improvement paths

Lumina enables managers to go beyond certification by helping them find the root causes of issues, thus mapping the road to improvement. The upgraded version supports managers when looking to expand the management system to new standards, as well.  

2) Enable decision-making

The Lumina analysis covers all areas of the management system, comparing performance inside and outside your company and allowing rapid identification of the processes that need to be improved.

3) Prioritize investments

Lumina allows managers to prioritize effective investments based on a unique and extensive benchmarking analysis of rock-solid data. Benchmarking is provided for any standard and industry.

4) Facilitate sustainable business performance

Lumina allows organizations to measure their management system performance now, while building a solid record over time. This helps decision-makers to bring stakeholders on board. The benchmark provided by Lumina enables you to make those decisions that build sustainable business performance and lead to a competitive advantage over time.

5) Tailor-made insights

All Lumina reports can be tailored to your specific needs from multiple angles. They can be based on your industry, company size and geography or on a specific sector, region and performance target.

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