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Train my employees

We offer different training courses based on your existing familiarity with the ISO schemes.

We are certified already!

Then this “Transition pack” is just for you.

  • What is transition? Step by Step Guidance.
  • Did you know that the new standards have more focus on “Management Commitment” than it has today?
  • Do you know that the all the new ISO standards have a generic Structure?
  • Would you like to refresh your knowledge coupled to Internal Auditing based on the High Level Structure? You are welcome to join our refresher courses on Internal Auditing.

How soon should I get started with the Transition steps?

We are not certified for any ISO standards yet!

  • Beginners pack in Management Systems - relevant for employees at all levels.
    • High Level Structure
    • Quality Management Systems
    • Environmental Management Systems

  • Internal Auditor pack for beginners: Internal Auditing Techniques.

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Questions on the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 revisions?

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