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June 9, 2021

New marine aquaculture forecast: Offshore and onshore technologies gaining traction

Production of ‘farmed’ aquatic animals will more than double from 30 million tonnes per year (Mt/yr) liveweight now to 74 Mt/yr in 2050, according to the independent assurance and risk management company. DNV’s first Marine Aquaculture Forecast warns, however, that production will not meet demand in mid-century unless the industry tackles key sustainability barriers to growth by 2030.

  • Maritime
May 20, 2021

DNV certifies Protolabs as the first additive manufacturing (3D printing) service provider in powder bed fusion technology for energy applications

DNV, the independent energy expert and assurance provider, has made one of the first awards of its additive manufacturing (3D printing) quality certification to a major international service provider. DNV certification supports the adoption of additive manufacturing (AM) technology for greater cost and efficiency benefits while maintaining safety across the global oil, gas and energy industries.

  • Oil and gas
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