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Craig A. Koehne

Craig A. Koehne

Business Development Manager

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Our tailored services guide you towards compliance with various regulations centred on environmental issues.

Ship owners and operators face the challenge of having to comply with increasingly stricter regulations on vessel efficiency and environmental compliance. Making your way through this jungle is difficult and time-consuming.

That is why we are at your side with competent support that you can count on. 

Our experts know the ins and outs of all environmental regulations – whether the EEDI, tight sulphur regulations in ECAs or other local regulations such as the EU Directive on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of Operational Data or the current VGP when entering US waters. 

They assist you with a comprehensive range of services to ensure you are in compliance and profit from ongoing, smooth operations – and a clear competitive advantage. 

Leverage our services for environmental compliant operations:

Clean Shipping Index (CSI)

DNV GL supports you in verifying your CSI self-assessment – so you benefit from correct scoring and potential port fee discounts.

Remote survey of tank cleaning

Demonstrate your efforts for the upcoming global sulphur cap with the Low Sulphur Tank Cleaning Factual Statement.

MRV ready

Assisting in coping with upcoming EU requirements on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 emissions, entering into force in 2018.

Fuel Change Over Calculator

Addressing ships partly operating in SECAs, software applications for a safe and optimized change-over process from HFO to ultra-low-sulphur fuel oil.

EAL service

Refering to VGP regulations for ships in US waters to use Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) in all oil-to-sea interfaces; compliant operation is verified and proper documentation is provided.

EEDI advisory service

For ships in operation, the attained EEDI value is certified and an EEDI Statement of Compliance is issued. For newbuilding projects, the EEDI value is determined and related technical documentation is issued.

EEOI certification

Following the calculation and verification of your ship’s operational transport efficiency, you are provided with an EEOI certificate. 

Modification excellence assessment

This assessment is applicable to ships which have undergone one or more technical modifications. The enhanced design is evaluated and improvements are quantified and documented.

Benefit from our comprehensive environmental compliance services:

  • Verification of compliance with all the legal requirements for a better negotiating position with charterers
  • Profund and reliable third-party certification underscores your credibility
  • Issuance of the respective software, report and/or certificate
  • Proof of environmental excellence to boost your image
  • Verified and documented EEDI and EEOI values for a better positioning on the market
  • Proof of efficiency excellence, assessment reports can be used to enter discussions with charters and banks

Contact us:

Craig A. Koehne

Craig A. Koehne

Business Development Manager

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