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Companies are increasingly held accountable for their corporate responsibility performance. Our global risk management expertise and investor insight are helping companies worldwide understand and manage their risk exposure.


An assessment is a valuable tool for strengthening your corporate responsibility strategy and for communicating your risk management performance across business areas in your company, as well as to investors, regulators, and other stakeholders.


It provides external validation of your ability to manage risk related to your corporate responsibility. It can help manage shareholder and stakeholder expectations and signal your commitment to national, international, and/or industry standards for corporate responsibility.


DNV can locate problem areas and help you change them into strategic, organizational and operational assets. Understanding business risks can reduce reaction time and improve the balance between risk adversity and conscious risk taking. Communicating on corporate responsibility risks helps you build internal awareness and identify clear responsibilities for managing these risks.



Partner with DNV for a corporate responsibility solution that fits your organization and your ambitions. Our approach ensures that your company’s main corporate responsibility risks are being managed adequately across the organization.


We can also work with you to, for example, build the assessment into your sustainability reporting or combine it with a climate change service that verifies your greenhouse gas emissions or your carbon neutrality. Or we can help you (re-)formulate a corporate responsibility strategy that addresses your most significant environmental, social and economic impacts.


Our corporate responsibility solutions are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. They help you focus on what is really material to your company’s performance and reputation.



A corporate responsibility assessment analyses your company's risk profile and benchmarks your performance against industry standards and international best practice in four impact areas. The four impact areas are:


Business ethics – business practices (e.g. business conduct, bribery and corruption)

Environment – impacts associated with operations, products, manufacturing, distribution, and packaging (e.g. use of natural resources, emissions, climate change, ecosystem and biodiversity)

Society – impacts from operations and products on societies and communities where a company is present (e.g. community relations, human rights, product safety, market place practices)

Employment – impacts associated with the recruitment, protection and management of labor (e.g. diversity, working conditions, recruitment and retention, strategic positioning)



A corporate responsibility assessment focuses primarily at the top of your organization, looking at your strategies, policies, responsibilities and performance management. It answers the question: "Is the company controlling and managing its major risks in a way that maximizes its value and addresses reasonable stakeholder concerns?"

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