Global Sulphur Cap 2020

To facilitate compliance, the IMO has developed guidelines that include an indicative template for a Ship Implementation Plan (SIP) specific to each individual ship, which shipping companies are recommended to use. The plan is not mandatory and is not subject to endorsement by the flag state or a recognized organization (RO). However, PSC may consider the preparatory actions described in the SIP when verifying compliance. The plan addresses issues related to the use of compliant fuel oil and how to identify any safety risks associated with such fuels. Items covered by the plan can include, as appropriate:

  1. Risk assessment and mitigation plan (impact of new fuels)
  2. Fuel oil system modifications and tank cleaning (if needed)
  3. Fuel oil capacity and segregation capability
  4. Procurement of compliant fuel
  5. Fuel oil changeover plan (conventional residual fuel oils to 0.50% sulphur compliant fuel oil)
  6. Documentation and reporting

In addition, two guidance documents have been developed by the IMO for developing the SIP:

  • Impact on Machinery Systems
    (IMO Guidance MEPC.1-Circ.878 Annex, page 8 Appendix 2, link below)

  • Tank Cleaning
    (IMO Guidance MEPC.1-Circ.878 Annex, page 10 Appendix 3, link below)

The SIP could be complemented with a record of actions taken by the ship in order to be compliant by the applicable date.

Ship Implementation Plan application now available

To support ship owners and managers with a smooth preparation and maintenance of their ship-specific implementation plans, DNV GL has developed the web-based Ship Implementation Plan application. 

You can access the SIP application free of charge at the Marketplace on our Veracity data platform.

Global Sulphur Cap Ship Implementation Plan inside a ship fuel tank
Ship Implementation Plan Global Sulphur Cap DNV GL
SIP example
Ship Implementation Plan Global Sulphur Cap DNV GL
Ship Implementation Plan (SIP) example

GUIDANCE PACKAGE: Global Sulphur Cap 2020

Download our guidance documents including scrubbers, fuel switch options, checklists and more