Digitalization in the maritime industry

At DNV GL, we are working to help our customers navigate these complex new waters. We are committed to using our position as an independent third party to build trust in data quality and confidence that these valuable data can be shared securely. At the same time, DNV GL is taking advantage of the opportunities created by digitalization within our own organization, to offer new services and ways of working that enhance the customer experience, improve quality and are more efficient.

However, for us, digitalization is not an end in itself: We see it as another means to fulfil our main purpose as class – ensuring safe operations at sea and protecting life, property and the environment.

Customer services become digital

When our customers interact with classification, they want it to be as simple and efficient as possible. To help, DNV GL has launched the My Services portal as a single access point for all our digital services. Hosted on the open industry platform Veracity, many software solutions designed to offer support in areas such as regulatory compliance, cyber security preparedness or fleet performance are also available for non-DNV GL customers.

To provide worldwide access to class documentation, DNV GL introduced electronic class and statutory certificates for the entire fleet serving a significant number of flags in 2018. This means documentation never gets lost, is always up to date and is accessible from any device.

Another example of how digitalized classification services significantly enhance service delivery and efficiency is the Smart Survey Booking (SSB) tool. It simplifies survey booking, fitting inspections into customer schedules whilst saving time and costs.

What is more, our technical help desk service, DATE (Direct Access to Technical Experts), leverages machine learning to give customers 24/7 access to the right experts, finding faster and more accurate solutions.

My Services

Assuring digital data

As the processes and physical assets of our customers are being digitalized and operational and IT technology are merging, DNV GL is addressing the increasing need to build trust in data-driven and digitalized operations by providing assurance of data quality, algorithms, sensors, systems and cyber security, where we combine our domain competence, independence and digital expertise. By doing this, we are helping our partners to turn big data into smart data and thus to increase operational efficiency and enhance safety.

In the centre of this, the DNV GL open industry platform Veracity acts as a meeting ground for co-innovation and co-creation between multiple industry stakeholders. Users stay in control in this secure environment and can trust domain experts, algorithms and analytics to combine and transform their data into real value.

Data models and people

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