Modification excellence assessment

We competently assess, quantify and verify the improvement in performance related to your vessel’s retrofit modifications.

Within the competitive maritime market, ship owners and operators are looking for possibilities to strengthen their position. 

This is where DNV GL comes in. We have developed the Modification Excellence Assessment. It gives you strong support when entering into negotiations with charterers and/or financing banks.

Our Modification Excellence Assessment covers all technical modifications regarding the vessel’s energy efficiency, cargo and trade area:

  • The transport efficiency of the vessel is determined for the original and modified design, and the improvement is quantified, considering the operational profile of the vessel.
  • Additionally, improvements related to the cargo situation are assessed and quantified as far as possible, such as draft increase leading to more capacity or an RSCS class notation for maximum flexibility.
  • Finally, a potential extension of the trade area is included as well, e.g. via BWTS, to enter stringent environmental zones.

For ship series with the largest assessed improvement, we honour an annual award which is renowned in the industry.

We at DNV GL are your partner for Modification Excellence Assessment:

  • Offers independent, third-party verification of performance 
  • Quantifies improvements and savings for each technical modification
  • Delivers a detailed report on the results of the assessment so you have an advantage in negotiating with charterers or financing banks
  • Issues Modification Excellence Statement with overall savings

Benefit cases

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