Emission analyses and assessments

We combine industry knowledge with real-life data to provide analyses of emissions and abatement strategies.

To meet stricter environmental requirements and minimise costs, both shipowners and authorities need to evaluate alternatives to traditional fuels and technologies. Targeted measures call for accurate emission modelling.

DNV GL is your centre of expertise for ship emissions and the application and effects of abatement technologies. We deliver high-quality analyses and assessments for the maritime industry and authoritative bodies alike.

The introduction of an automatic identification system (AIS) on board ships has revolutionised our knowledge of ship traffic and ships’ performance characteristics. Through the combination and management of various ship-specific data sources, we have established an AIS-based environmental accounting system and a system for providing high-resolution data input for various risk analyses such as ship collision risk, power grounding and environmental risk.

Our analyses and assessments cover:

  • Technology outlook and scenario modelling
  • Evaluation of alternative fuels, bunkering facilities, routines, regulations and risk
  • Assessments of environmental regulations and requirements for different operations and technology applications
  • Emission inventories and modelling
  • Assessment of environmental impact from shipping
  • Strategic planning and policy to meet emissions targets
  • Assessment and development of environmental management systems
  • Tailor-made studies on fuels, technologies, regulations, emissions and environmental accounting, policy instruments and activity-based ship data (AIS)

We can support flag states and ship owners with reporting emissions for specific areas through specialised traffic and performance analysis and with the calculation of the effects of introduced or proposed mitigation measures.

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