Ballast water treatment system feasibility study

As the leading classification society for type approval of BWTS, we have key knowledge and experience in system performance.

Careful selection of a treatment system can mitigate specific feasibility requirements. A treatment system optimal for one ship may not be the best solution for another ship.

The purpose of our ballast water feasibility study is to help you select the ballast water treatment system (BWTS) best suited for a specific vessel and operational profile.

Leveraging our unique position as the leading classification society for approval of ballast water treatment systems, we have developed a systematic analysis procedure for finding the optimal system for any given vessel or profile.

Our approach covers:

  • Proposal and selection of a set of selection criteria together with the client
  • Review by DNV GL engineers of installation proposals from technology suppliers
  • On request, data collection on capital costs, installation costs, operation and maintenance costs
  • Provision of a total score for each system, forming a reliable foundation for your decision-making process

Rely on DNV GL to help you choose the optimal ballast water system:

  • Be confident that the chosen ballast water treatment system and integration with the ship are fit for the intended operation
  • Minimise the risk involved in implementation of ballast water treatment technology
  • Benefit from well-defined processes and our ballast water management (BWM) expertise

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