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CBD manufacturing and sourcing seem to be a big topic in the media! Don’t let your company fall victim to the negative media by not having proper sourcing! The "Approved sourcing" webinar will provide your manufacturing company with the information needed to ensure your sources are approved and wont result in a recall of your product. In an industry that is not closely regulated, sourcing can be an issue, and it is up to you, as the manufacturer, to ensure that the ingredients that you are putting in your products, are safe!

The second webinar will discuss how you can set your company apart from others and prove to your customers that you are a reputable source, what GMP certification is, and why it is important for the cannabis industry. 

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"Approved and responsible sourcing for the cannabis industry – major issues at facilities" webinar presentation

Download the slides from the February 27, 2020 webinar

The value of GMP certification: what is GMP and why certify? webinar presentation

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