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Food Safety Culture is one of the key discussion points in the food and packaging industry; it can be defined as the food safety attitudes, values and beliefs shared by a group of people. Organizations are always looking and analyzing these topics to review food safety behaviors, which is especially important during challenging times. In many organizations, there is a growing concern with how to maintain a food safety culture - even those, where food safety systems are already certified. Many efforts have been applied to the development of food safety culture, but, theoretically, there are gaps in these efforts, which reflect on the quality of programs developed and consequently, on the results achieved.

These webinars aim to present basic concepts about organizational culture and specifically, on food safety culture, demonstrating the theoretical model from DNV. In this model, we understand culture as the aggregation of beliefs, practices and perceptions of an organization, which can be evaluated from seven attributes previously defined and understood through the existing culture in your organization.

Identification of each attribute and cultural stage, in which an organization currently is at, is essential to the definition of a program that seeks to develop the organizations’ food safety culture.


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Food Safety Culture webinars presentation materials

Food Safety Culture - Oct 2018 - webinar presentation on IFSQN

Download the slides from the October 2018 webinar

Food Safety Culture - June 2020 - webinar presentation

Download the slides from the May 27, 2020 webinar

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