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During this webinar the presented insights help you sort through and understand what has turned out to be a real jig-saw puzzle of carbon management regulatory framework. The combination of carbon management programs and carbon taxes from federal and provincial level jurisdictions has evolved so that no two provinces have the same approach. The potential variables such as GHG quantification methodology, GHG reporting and verifying thresholds, verifying methods, who are approved verification bodies, whether there are provincial or federal (back-stop) taxes in place, are there requirements to reduce GHG emissions over the coming years and by how much, and how is this determined, are there incentive programs for claiming back some of those carbon taxes and, possibly, more variables are distributed across Canada. And the stakes are not low and only going to get higher as carbon taxes increase up to $50+/ t CO2e. In 45 minutes, this webinar aims at shedding some light on the different mix of requirements in place. This message is told from the perspective of a seeded verifier, who shares experiences of his clients over the past dozen of years. No webinar is complete without a little crystal-ball gazing, and so this one concludes with a summary of what is expected to change and what might change in the coming few years. This includes some of the drivers to support this forecast.

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