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Join us for an active forum, where Stacie Stephens, AS/IATF Account Representative Manager, Shireesh Bhatnagar, Global Automotive Sector Manager, & Charles Kittl, Aerospace and Automotive Sector Manager, North America, provide the latest information around the current IATF 16949 certification challenges and Covid-19.  

This webinar addressed:  

    -  IATF Global Waivers – overview of the IATF measures.

    - Maintaining your certification during the Covid-19 pandemic

            Discussion on communication links and importance of communicating status of your operations.

    - Live Q&A responding to many questions from the audience.

Current IATF 16949 Certification Challenges & Covid-19 - Presentation Materials

Current IATF 16949 Certification Challenges & Covid-19 - Webinar Presentation

IATF Global Waivers and Measures in Response to the COVID-19

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